All you need to know about SIN and SSN

United States science a unique social security number for the citizen for tracking taxes and providing benefits to identify the numbers rather than their names. Many governments around the World revert the numbers for keeping things organized.

What is a social security number?

The government of the United States administration issues social security numbers to US legal residents and citizens. These numbers are known to be unique, and each contains a nine-digit number. In the initial stage, the first three-digit number is assigned by a geographical location with the East Coast people that gets the lowest number and on the West coast,t which are assigned the highest number. This is a system that has been phased out according to the favor of random assignment.

Social security numbers were initially issued for tracking the people who are participating in the disability insurance system of the nation. It is known as a payment in a system that means it is financed by the social security taxes imposed on wages. The taxes of collected social security went into a trust fund that is written to make payment for the retirees and their spouses and children. The government has quickly released the usefulness of unique number identification for all the Americans who had begun using the numbers to manage the taxes and other government programs.

How to change the name on the SIN card?

A social insurance number is a number that is needed for getting and collecting the benefits of the government, such as a pension. SIN card shows the legal name where you can change your name by applying your name that is changed on the card. If a person fails to change his or her name on the card, then it can lead to many problems while using the number. You should gather all the needed documents for changing the name on the card, and it also needs identity proof such as a birth certificate and citizenship certificate.

The social security number is meant for core identification for providing tax to the employer. You can also use the number for filling the tax returns that serve as valid proof and identification for maintaining legal status in the country.