Social security number

What is SSN and information provided by SSN?

Social security number is issued to every individual who lives in the United States. The social security number is a combination of certain numbers. The first three numbers indicate which state the person belongs to. The social security number is an identity for the citizen who lives in the country. The identity information contains name, place, and gender. It also gives information about your credit history. If the person needs to create a bank account the bank requires an identity for the person. In that case, the social security number is given to open a bank account. Hence all the credit history will be available on the card. It even gives additional information about your health condition. The government offers health benefits for the card and the information will be available on the card. Social security number contains all kind of identity information about the person in the system. The social security number is important for tax verification. Usually, the card contains the name of the candidate and the number of that candidate. Permanent citizen will contain the card with name and SSN. There is some social security card used for restriction to avoid forgery. Some types of cards cannot be used for the work permit. Another type of card is issued to the people who work temporarily. This social security card is provided for people to avoid forgery. This number offers many benefits for citizens. The social security number is most reliable for the individual. SSN lookup search can be made by providing name and state. If the person searches his identity number with the number in some cases the proper result will not come. In that case, the person has to search with the name and state where he lives.


There are many advantages of having social security number. They are

  1. Forgery can be avoided when everybody has a social security number
  2. If the individual has to create an account in the bank
  3. If the person needs to buy any property
  4. For getting government benefits like medical and others.