SSN + Credit

How Social Security Numbers Works?

An SSN is a Social Security Number which has nine-digit numbers which was assigned to the U.S citizens for to track their income and their determined benefits. They provide benefits to the retired people and even disability. This Social Security Number is created in 1935. This SSN works with few exceptions, like all U.S legal residents as,

  1. Working residents.
  2. Permanent residents.
  3. Citizens.
  4. Working residents.

In working residents, they use to provide both citizens and non-citizens in form of temporary basis. These Social Security Number that is ssn and credits are issued by the Social Security Administration in short as SSA. In the United States, an individual citizen is asked to provide their SSN to open a bank account or to search any other benefits and for their personal reasons like to buy any asset, home or car.

Life of numbers for the citizens:

Social Security numbers are random streams of digits. The nine-digit SSN is composed of three parts. They are,

  1. The First set (three digits) number represents the area number.
  2. The second set (two digits) number represents group number.
  3. The final set or third set (four digits) represents the serial number.

The Social Security Numbers are not able to reused and there is no cost for obtaining a card or credit number. In some circumstances, an individual may change their Social Security Number for the identity theft. To protect the SSN from the identity theft, research says does not list the actual SSN on the personal credit report. To check the SSN is being used like can review the social security statement from the website To overview or lookout the benefits and its easily to check regularly about the bank and credit details.

If Social Security Card or Number is lost or stolen must immediately contact the social security administration and let them know about the incident and they follow up for the further procedure. The greater risk of the identity theft is not to provide or show the last final set (four digit) it must to be protect and these are truly random and unique and it is not safe to send a Social Security Number over text message.