SSN tangled in fraud and hacking threats

SSN, aka Social Security Number, is frequently required while making financial and accounting calculations and deals. The number has almost become an alternate identity for any US citizen similar to their names. When there are identity and valuable information, theft and fraud are bound to take place.

How Does It Act?

There are few procedures by which it works, and before knowing more about SSN, you must know about its working. The site was found to be controlled by the most sought hacking group by the name Cyclosa gang.

  1. They were found stealing public details like credit card numbers, account details, or birth dates.
  2. Initially, any person approaching them could buy ssndob USA to see and check any other fellow American cardholder's details.
  3. The services weren't free but not too expensive. During the early days, the query ranged from 50 cents to 2.50 dollars.
  4. The software works similar to search engines where central database hacking is possible. Knowing the name would print the whole details for a few dollars!
  5. The site was designed in 2009 which came out to the public front in late 2010.

Ceasing The Hacking Fire

Crime and continuous theft under the banner alarmed the cybersecurity department to take legible action. In the year 2013, the legal authorities succeeded in hacking the site to drag out its base. Two of its main servers came out, and the stated site is officially under ban and monitoring. Despite the strict implications, it is a rumor that they have created an alternate domain name for the business's continual.

Other Frauds

Apart from the hacking by such sites, which has become a national concern, several petty crimes still need attention. Whenever a card is lost, it becomes easy for the finder to access the details. They may misuse the number for any online transactions or applications for credit. Hampering data and records are no new in lost cases.

The SSN is a versatile Id used widely. Thus, it is no less than valuable in possession. Those who have the number have the prime responsibility to safeguard it and report the concerned in case of burglary.