What are the types of ssn card found in the country?

The ssn card is given to the immigrant workers to register their presence in the country and to know the benefits of the government. Not only for the workers, it is used in many ways. According to the usage, the ssn card is divided into three types. Based on that people need to get the card from the government and it is compulsory in the country of US. They are:

  1. In first type, it is given to all citizens in the US. It is their Id card to register their citizenship of the country.
  2. In second type, the card is given to immigrant workers as they are working in the country with the proper work permit.
  3. In the last type, the card is used for tax purposes. With the serial number, government can know their annual income.

Not only in US, other countries will also have some identity card to register their citizenship as well as workers will also have some id cards.

Who can eligible to apply it?

People in the country and immigrant workers can apply for the ssn card. They can apply in online or through the direct method. The immigrant workers need to register their details along with the work permit to get the ssn card. Without the ssn card, the workers will be considered as the illegal people to the country. They will send out of their country immediately, when they don’t have ssn card during the work time. It is compulsory for every worker. Even the workers can apply after their arrival to the country. They need to submit original proof and legal notice of the work permit. Then the government will provide the ssn card.

How it is useful?

The ssn card is used in many ways. Such as,

  1. Ssn+dl is combined one, if the person needs the driving license, they need to submit the ssn card.
  2. People can enjoy the government benefits.
  3. The tax will be reduced according to some category of people.
  4. For buying the property, people need the ssn card. Without the ssn card we can’t buy anything, even for medical treatment we need the ssn card.