What is mean by ssn?

The ssn is used in the US government. It is the security number given to the workers, who came for work from the other country. They need to apply for the ssn number before entering the country. Only the person can apply ssn number with their work permit, if they don’t have work permit to work in their country, can’t apply for it. It is the most important document needed for every worker in the US government. It is a kind of Id card, in other countries the ssn will change. Not all countries will have this. Only some countries will use this ssn number.

How to apply for the ssn:

The ssn can be applied from any country, the person needs to apply ssn+dob while coming for work. The dob is important, because only the age is above 18 can apply for ssn number, below the age of 18 can’t apply for it. Then while applying, person need to attach some original documents and work permit, then only the government will provide the ssn. The Government will send the mail to the concern person within 3 weeks. If the person doesn’t apply for the ssn from their country, they can visit the ssn office and submit their original documents and legal work permission copy to the office and get the ssn. Each and every non-citizen worker should have this.

What are the benefits of ssn?

The ssn is given to the immigrant workers. The Government will take the survey in their country to know how many immigrants are found in the country, because it is most important thing to know in every country, on that time ssn will be helpful ah lot. If the workers have proper ssn number, they were allowed to work in the country or else they don’t have proper ssn card, the people will quite from the country at once. Because they have entered the country in illegal way. The ssn card can be used throughout the life, it is lifetime card. There is no expiry date found in the card.